Fiona Meng is a Canadian artist currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario. She specializes in fantasy and mythical art, as well as art depicting the natural world.  Her work is known for its intricate details and lush use of colour and hue.  She specializes in watercolour and gouache combined with acrylic binders that allow for greater diversity of brush strokes and layering.  This gives her the freedom to create work with darker hues and more dramatic details, pushing water based paints beyond their limitations.

Fiona began her career working mostly in the digital realm of photoshop and art created digitally on tablets.  She quickly found that the lack of tactile sensation and computer LCD screens did not bring her the feeling of deeper connection to her work.  “Its different,” she said, “doing digital art doesn’t give me the same appreciation for my work.  It feels less real in a way, and I didn’t want to feel like I was just creating a commodity.  I wanted a deeper connection to my work.”  

This change in direction impacted Fiona’s artistic ethos and helped to frame her perspective on the importance of creating art that is built slowly over time.  When she’s not working in her studio, Fiona can be found walking in the woods or tending her garden.